Typical services provisions are as follows:

  • Home Construction
  • Home Remodelling and Renovations
  • Project Management
  • Full Carpentry Service


Some special features related to our service:

  • Excellent Customer Service and Quality where each home is unique, custom built, original and personalised to reflect the client’s tastes and needs
  • Time-tested, Environmentally Friendly Techniques mixed with cutting-edge quality building materials provides homes that will withstand natural elements for many years to come
  • Skilled Tradespeople who have worked with this company since its formation and who agree to continue to provide high quality workmanship and skills going forward, licensed and fully compliant with all statutory rules and regulations
  • Communication is the key ingredient to a successful relationship between Project Manager and client, where both work closely to ensure expectations are agreed in advance, and are met in a satisfactory stress-free environment
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