After finishing School in 1987, Brian began his working career as an Apprentice Carpenter with ‘Beola Crafts Ltd’ in Roundstone, Co Galway.  Through the years, Brian worked on larger projects such as land reclamation and housing where further invaluable knowledge and experience was acquired in the areas of formwork and shuttering. This led Brian to the decision to start into his own carpentry business setting up the company ‘Vaughan Carpentry’.  In 2004, this successful business further developed and grew into ‘Brian Vaughan Construction Ltd’ taking another direction, now focussing on the development of ‘once-off’ homes, extensions and renovations and other home improvement projects demanded by the market.  This is a very well organised company that does not cut corners.  The owner continues to take a ‘hands-on’ approach, fully involved on-site from the start of the project to the finish, offering continued advice and guidance to both clients and employees, through each stage of the build, as expected and required.

The following points are considered to be the key attributes that have led to his company’s success:

  • Honesty with a huge degree of trust between the builder and client essential for any project to progress smoothly
  • High Quality Standards where every project is treated like it is being completed for the owner personally, an attribute instilled from an early beginning as an Apprentice under the motto ‘Quality is King’
  • Perfection with attention to the finer details while simultaneously ensuring good progression with time management skills
  • Excellent Work Team who are hard-working and highly skilled, loyal and committed and who have worked with this company over the last 20 years, some of which were trained personally by the owner
  • Outstanding Reputation which is valued and proven by repeat business clients and recommended to others by positive word-of-mouth references by satisfied customers to potential client
  • Value for Money where the highest quality products and most energy efficient processes are researched where competitive quotations are sought to ensure the lowest possible cost to the customer.
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